Oshiware District Centre (ODC)

Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) was one of the growth centres identified in MMRDA's 1977 Policy of "Optimal Regional Structure" of Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which recommended planned decentralization of economic activities from South Mumbai and development of new growth centres. On appointment as a Special Planning Authority for the area admeasuring about 102 Ha. between western suburbs of Jogeshwari and Goregaon, MMRDA prepared Planning Proposals for Oshiware District Centre which were sanctioned by the Government on 16th January, 1992.

Subsequently, Government by Notification dated 18th November, 2015 deleted the area west of S.V. Road from MMRDA's jurisdiction and included the same in MCGM's jurisdiction. Government by another Notification dated 18th November, 2015 increased the total FSI from 1.5 to 4.0 for commercial uses and from 1.5 to 3.0 for residential uses by allowing additional FSI on payment of premium. Implementation of sanctioned Planning Proposals is envisaged through landowner's participation.

Services such as water supply, storm water drainage, sewerage etc. are provided by the MCGM. Presently, MMRDA has undertaken construction of roads in ODC, which includes construction of Storm Water Drain, water supply and sewer lines.

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Oshiware District Centre (ODC)
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1 Notification of appointment of SPA for ODC (1.37 MB)
2 Notification of sanction to the Planning Proposals for Oshiwara District Center (1.83 MB)
3 Oshiwara Planning Proposal booklet along with Plan (14.12 MB)
4 ODC Sanctioned Planning proposals Plan (317.13 KB)