BackBay Reclamation Scheme (BBRS)

The Backbay Reclamation Scheme was originally planned by the State Government in 1920 and consisted of eight blocks. Blocks I & II (from Chowpatty to Sachivalaya) and Blocks VII & VIII (at Colaba near the defence area) were reclaimed up to 1930. Efforts to revive the scheme for Blocks III to VI were stopped midway due to public criticism, and the State Government took a policy decision on 1st December 1978 to freeze the reclamation in Backbay area at the then existing level.

However, the abrupt freezing of reclamation resulted in formation of awkward pockets of unreclaimed area susceptible to siltation by natural process, unauthorized dumping and reclamation and created truncated profile of the shore line. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority was appointed in 1983 as a Special Planning Authority for the Backbay Reclamation Scheme Block III to VI in order to develop the lands in a comprehensive manner and to provide necessary amenities. The draft development plan for this area was published in May, 1990 and was sanctioned by the Government in two parts in the year 2000 and 2001.

The plan proposes to provide a finishing edge to the shoreline in order to prevent unauthorized dumping of waste and reclamation of the area. It envisages provision of a bye-pass road and additional parking facilities that would help relieve traffic congestion in Backbay area. The plan also provides for recreational and cultural amenities in the form of promenade and garden.

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BackBay Reclamation Scheme
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