Unified Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMMTA)

There is multiplicity of organization and divisions dealing with Mumbai's transport system. Some are engaged in the provision of basic infrastructure, in various modal operations and others in regulation. All the agencies are interrelated and these agencies are responsible for policy, basic infrastructure, funds, operations and control. In order to make Mumbai's transport system efficient, there is immense need of integration & coordination among all the concerned divisions & organizations.

In order to enhance public transport system and to solve various transport related problems in Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs and Region, GoM vide GR dated 12th February,2008 established the formation of UMMTA and specified the composition of Main Committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, GoM and also the formation of Sub Committees.

GoM vide GR dated 4th January, 2010, specified the composition of Core Committee for the purpose of assisting the Main Committee.

This Authority will recommend or issue directions in regard to the following :

  • Comprehensive Transport Plan for MMR
  • Integration of Regional and City land use plans with the Transport Plan
  • Modal priorities and integration
  • Basic Infrastructure priorities and integration
  • Selection of Implementing Agency for Implementation of Basic Infrastructure
  • Bus Rapid Transit System
  • Financial planning and allocation
  • Implementation system and participation of public and private agencies participation (PPP)
  • Reconciliation and adjudication on differences of opinion among Agencies
  • Transport related research and knowledge
  • Training in transport field
  • Any other work entrusted by MPC
  1. Draft Legal Framework of independent UMMTA has been forwarded to GoM
  2. The process for implementation of National Common Mobility Card through ITS project in MMR is in progress.
  3. All ULBs have been directed :
    • To implement Comprehensive Transportation Study (CTS) recommendations
    • To prepare the mapping of CTS Transport plan in Development plan along with the Right of Way (ROW)
    • Creation of separate Traffic & Transportation Division in Urban Local Bodies.
    • To prepare Capital Investment Plan (CIP)