Twin Tube Tunnel between Thane and Borivali

Sub: Construction of Twin Tube, 2 Lanes each Highway Tunnel between Thane City” and Borivali” in the State of Maharashtra

Project Background:

  • The proposal of Construction of Twin Tube, 3 Lanes each Highway Tunnel between “Thane City and Borivali” in the State of Maharashtra by the MSRDC was approved in the 150th meeting of the Board of Directors held on 23rd September 2015.
  • In the Cabinet Committee meeting held on dt 30.11.2015 on Infrastructure has declared MSRDC as implementing agency for this project and directed
  • M/s Aecom Asia Company Limited has been appointed by MSRDC as consultant to prepared DPR and Feasibility for this project on dt 11.04.2016.
  • In the MMRDA Authority meeting held on July 07th, 2020, it has been approved to transfer the project from MSRDC to Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. As per the approval given by the Board of Directors, the project has been handed over to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority with present status, details of appointment of consultant, scope of work of consultant, payment details of consultant, tender etc on 21st August, 2020 for further action.


  • Presently there is no direct connection between Thane and Borivali. The Thane Ghodbunder Road (SH-42) is a major link road connecting East West link and carries heavy commercial traffic between NH-3 and NH -8.
  • The distance from Thane to Borivali via Ghodbunder is 23 km. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to cover the distance from Thane to Borivali in the morning and evening during peak hours and at least 1 hour at other times.
  • The construction of twin tube tunnel is proposed between Thane and Borivali under Sanjay Gandhi National Park, so that the journey from Thane and Borivali will reduce by 12 Km.
  • The consultant soughted feedback from the National Institute of Rock Mechanics as to which technology would be appropriate to use for tunnel excavation as part of the tunnel passes through a protected forest area. They have informed to dig the tunnel with the help of Tunnel Boring Machine.
  • The draft detailed project report plan has been submitted by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority has scrutinized the same, as per the directions of the Metropolitan Commissioner; the consultant has been recommended to carry out environmental impact study and traffic study for the project.
  • In the meantime, the Municipal Corporation has issued an E-tender for the design and construction of Goregaon-Mulund Link Road project. The proposed Goregaon Mulund Link Road (GMLR) and the proposed Thane to Borivali Twin Tube tunnel, 3 + 3 lane highway tunnel are competing with each other. Accordingly the consultant was requested to carry out the traffic and feasibility analysis.
  • As per the study done by the Authority, the V / C (Volume / Capacity) ratio of the tunnel with Thane Borivali 2 + 2 lane carriageway is 0.63 and LOS (Level of Service) is C. The study shows that the construction of twin tubes, with a 2 + 2 lane carriageway between Thane city and Borivali in Mumbai, will be a preliminary feasible from horizon 2027 to 2031.
  • Highlights of the proposed 2 +2 lane tunnel are as follows:
    • Total length - 11.80 km. (Tunnel: - 10.25 km, junction: - 1.55 km)
    • Tunnel Diameter : 12.2 m (2 tunnels each of 2 lanes.)
    • At every 300m there will be cross connection lane.
    • Fire extinguishers / water hoses, smoke detectors, well illuminated retro reflective / led light sign boards shall be installed at appropriate location.
  • The projected volume of traffic in this proposed new connectivity has been estimated to be around 50,000 PCU.
  • The total area for land acquisition is 46.57 hectares. Of this, 35.53 hectares is government forest area and 11.04 hectares is non forest land.Out of 11.8 km in length, 8.76 km falls in Thane district and 7.4 km length is proposed in Borivali district. Out of 06 villages, 3 villages (Chitalsar Manpada-Thane, Majiwada-Thane and Magathane-Borivali) joint measurement is proposed to be done by direct purchase method while remaining 3 villages i.e ( Boriwade, Chene and Yeur- Thane ) are passing through Govt Forest Area.
  • As per the DPR prepared the total estimated cost of the project is approx. ₹ 8404.00 crore (construction cost ₹ 6904 crore, land acquisition + Centages cost ₹ 1500.00 crore) and the implementation of the project is financially feasible on the principle of Public-Private Partnership (PPP).


  • As per the revised notification of Central Environment and Forest Department dated December 1, 2009, it was submitted to the Department of Environment and Forests for obtaining environmental no-objection. In a letter dated 15.04.2019 the project has been exempted from mandatory environmental clearance by the Principal Secretary, Department of Environment.
  • Proposal for obtaining No Objection Certificate as per National Board of Wildlife (NBWL) Permission Rules has been submitted online for approval on January 06, 2021.
  • Also, as per the Forest Department Permit Rules, the revised proposal to make changes in the User Agency for obtaining No Objection Certificate was submitted November 23, 2020.Compensation afforesration (CA) land (Group No. 595) of 35.53 hectare project has been identified at Umravati, Hulambri, Aurangabad and the revised afforesration scheme for 10 years has handed over to DCCF Aurangabad on 30.03.2023.
  • A proposal for private land acquisition for the said project has been prepared. The joint measurement for Village – Chitalsar – Manpada, and Majiwade in Thane District. has been completed and further proceedings are in progress.
  • In the 154th Authority meeting held on 10th March, 2023 the estimated construction cost of the project ₹. 16600.40 crores (including land acquisition) has been given administrative approval. According to the preliminary feasibility report submitted by this consultant, the implementation of the said project has been approved on EPC principle and the construction of the project has been approved in total 3 packages.
  • Out of them, 2 are civil works packages and the third package is a well-planned transport system (Intelligent Transport) work package.
  • In the 275th Executive Committee held on May 04, 2023, the lowest offer of M/S MEGHA ENGINEERING & INFRASTRUCTURES LTD (MEIL) has been approved for Package-1: Ch. 0+00 to Ch No.5+750 Borivali - (lowest offer -₹ 7178 Crore) and Package-2: for Ch No.5+750 to Ch No 11 + 84 Thane (lowest offer ₹ 5879 Crore) (INCLUDING PROVISIONAL SUM BUT EXCLUDING GST).
  • The construction period of project will be Five year.

Issue :-

  • Wildlife (Wild Life) and Forest (Forest) Department approvals as well as land acquisition